Good morning blind wisdom seekers

And welcome to the braille biscuit show!

Yes, it went live yesterday and what fun it was. It’s my new multi-platform radio show on Otago Access Radio, 105.4 fm.

You can hear the show every Tuesday morning at 10 am

· 105.4 FM

· 1575 AM

· Streamed live at

· Download the podcast from the website

· Find podcasts of previous shows on that blind woman’s facebook page!

· The show is sponsored by the Blind Foundation and began on October 4, as part of Blind Week, 2016! so get ready to find out more about this magical code with interviews with braille lovers, music from blind musicians, readings in braille and quotations from Helen Keller sprinkled throughout the show!

Each week we end with the show’s Louis Braille Limerick!

There “was a French boy who ate snails,

Who poked his eye with a nail,

He went blind the next day,

So he started to play,

With some dots that he turned into braille!”

Viva Louis Braille!

Listen in and help us spread the word about this amazing literacy tool for the blind!

Poster_Braille Biscuit Show (1).pdf