I said WHY NOT to going down the hydro slide here in Dunedin. I went with my walking buddy and friend Jo on Sunday afternoon.

It’s pretty full on and when I was wwalking up to the top of the slide I thought “what the hell am I doing?” “What happens if I break something?” “What if I get stuck in there?” but then I just had to do it!

Jo placed herself at the front entrance and she showed me where to sit to take off. We agreed she would go first and I would follow 10 seconds later. Off she went and all I could hear was a shrieking, yet fading sound, “It’s fast Ju” as her voice disappeared down the hole!

Then it was my turn. Oh well, I sat up, dropped my head to fit through the hole and lay on my back and slid. The water was fast and warm and it took me around the first turn. Woosh, my body began to be thrown around like a pair of socks in a washing machine. My body twisted and turned on it’s way down the slide with quite a force. No sooner had I adjusted to the twists and turns when the slide straightened up and suddenly there was a massive woosh into the pool at the bottom. The water slide had spat me out. I spluttered my way to my feet and finally stood up. Instantly my fear had turned to joy

It was exhilarating! We started with the slow ride but ended up on the fast one. I sent Jo down the fast one to see if she thought I’d be ok and she said it wasn’t too bad! Should I trust her? Why not!!!!

Here’s 10 things my senses are grateful for this week:

1 the sound of me saying WHY NOT again, this time to Jo on Friday when she rang up and asked "Do you want to go to ID Fashion tonight – we have a free ticket!"

2 the sound of fashion at ID Fashion on Friday night! Wow – music, compares, and applause, all the sound backdrop to a stunning Dunedin event!

3 the feel of dawn breaking at the ANZAC service on Saturday morning.

4 the sound of 20,000 people standing in silence. Very moving!

5 the taste of Amanda’s bacon and eggs we had for breakfast on Saturday morning!

6 the sound of my 93 year old uncle Cyril doing the ode at the ANZAC service on Saturday night!

7 the taste of the steamed blue cod I had at Fat Harry’s on Sunday for lunch with Paula, Dave and Ron! We are going to start up a Blind dinner club – I’m so excited!

8 the feel of the woosh as I headed down the hydroslide on Sunday afternoon with Jo! What a thrill seeking activity! Pure joy as one comment noted on facebook!

9 the taste of the ANZAC truffles for dessert – yum!

10 the sound of Pat on Monday morning on the phone organising my visit to Middlemarch last night! First stop the school and second stop Cooking Without Looking in front of 60 Rural Women! My favourite!

I may not see but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!