Happy New year Blind Wisdom seekers!

I hope 2015 is being kind to all your senses!

For me, our gift has been the glorious feel of the sunshine on my back and the fulfilling job of having a skip to go with it! We’re in the process of cleansing our house for sale, after 8 years of full on living. I could swear that the house is lighter because the rooms now have an echo that they didn’t before. But where was that skip? I found it as I trundled down our series of steps at the foot of our property, going out the bottom gate, and heading left for 8 steps until what I was carrying bumped into something hard and metalish; I suddenly knew I was there!

“I’ll put that in the skip for you” offered Ron.

“No way” I replied, “I want to throw it in myself!” and with that I had the joy of tossing the thing that I no longer needed, into the etha! I was hoping my throw wasn’t too good and that the item concerned didn’t fly right over the top of the skip, but mostly it didn’t! I could hear the sound of the discarded item land where it fell as I released it from my grasp. I was reminded at that moment of how it takes less energy to let go of something than it does to hold on to it. What was a surprise however, was how much the senses were involved in releasing these things from my grasp. The smell as the old dusty stuff piled up, the sound as it hit the metal skip and the feel of releasing it from my grasp. What a feeling! I’m now boring my whole family on the virtues of having a skip and how we should all do it once a year! I think they wish I’d thrown my soap box into that very skip along with all our stuff! Or maybe they were wishing I’d tossed myself in there too!

Here’s my sensory joy for this week!

1 the gorgeous taste of cherries that I ate three times yesterday! Apparently there is a glut! Thank you thank you thank you orchardists!

2 the smell of the flowers at Chris Abbott’s florist Eden Flowers! I love that smell!

3 the sound of my son, Sebastian’s voice on the phone yesterday ! 2 days away from home and he’s asking what we were having for tea! When I said pull apart bread he said “Is that all?” Don’t think he’s missing us much!

4 the feel of the bins full of apricots and nectarines at Veggie Boys this week! Wow!

5 the sound of Ron talking to the travel agent today about all the places in Scotland he wants to visit!

6 the taste of the salami we had with our pull apart bread! See – we didn’t just have the bread – we had salami with it! Bet that would make Sebastian want to come home!

7 the sound of the car running as Ron took a photo of it for Trademe at Prospect Park! I had to get out of the shot! Ron did suggest that if I fancied getting into my bikini I could lie across the bonnet! Sad thing was, I thought about my new bathing suit there for a minute and contemplated saying why not! Ha!

8 the smell of paint that Ron has applied in the house!

9 the smell, taste and touch of the peppermints on our travel agents desk! We always eat them when we go there! In fact, they even have a sound as we munch our way through talking with him! The 4 sensory mints!

10 the sound of the water as I pour it on our pot plants these mornings! Yes, you heard it right, I watered the plants! It’s them who should be truly grateful!

I may not see

But I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!

Thanks for tuning in to the Blind Wisdom blog this week! Have a happy sensory day!