Good morning Blind Wisdom Seekers

After my suggestion to have a smelly challenge where you list in one day 10 things you are grateful for smelling, my blindfulness babes weren’t waiting – they got stuck in. Below is their 30 entries for last Wednesday for things they smelled.

Before we look at those today I went searching for Helen Keller’s views on smell. I landed upon her book “The world I live in” where she explores in great detail her three trusty guides; smell, taste and touch. I do really think though that she should have renamed that with her two trusty guides as taste barely features in her ponderings. She says at one point through the publication “I am not sure whether touch or smell tells me the most about the world.”

Smell for Helen is very evocative and here are some quotations taken from what she says throughout her book:

FOR some inexplicable reason the sense of smell does not hold the high

position it deserves among its sisters. There is something of the fallen angel about smell.

A whiff of the universe makes us dream of worlds we have never seen.

Smell recalls in a flash entire epochs of our dearest experience.

Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across all the years we

have lived. The odour of fruits wafts me to my

childish frolics in the peach orchard.

Can’t you see that peach tree?

Now for the smelly Wednesday challenge – write down 10 things you smell today and post it on this blog when you’ve reached 10!

If you are looking for inspiration here are 30 things our blindfulness babes from our daily blindfulness list came up with last week:

1. The smell of the cake of soap as I cut it in half with a big knife because it was too big to hold comfortably in my hand.

2. The smell of the cats food I dished up to the boys…I wouldn’t want to eat it the way it smells!

3. The wonderful smell of the salmon that had been marinating in lemon juice and Parmesan cheese

4. The smell of the capers being fried to go on top of the salmon and orzo

5. The smell of George and Billy’s fur…at their neck…they both smell different and gorgeous.

6. The smell of my coffee that Tania made at Diesline today when I met Jill at lunchtime

7. The smell of the wood burning on our fire tonight…it got so cold!

8. The smell of the pita bread toasting, ready for me to fill for our lunches today

9. The smell of Jill’s toast cooking

10. The smell of my green tea I had when I got home from work today.

11. The smell of a soy chai latte

12 . The smell of the onions frying tonight

13. The smell of me attempting to make cheese straws that look like a cheese blob (I have to take some lunch to share tomorrow)

14. The smell of the soap in the toilet

15. The smell of the cake Felicity brought back this afternoon

He he I’ve run out so I am walking round the house smelling things

16. The smell of the cushions

17. The smell of ripening bananas

18. The smell of my cardigan (It smells like leather and yet its not)

19. The smell of my handbag that doesn’t smell of leather (and yet it is)

20. The smell of my hands that rubbed the butter into the flour

21. The smell of the fish and chips we had for dinner – bad mother, bad mother!

22. The smell of the laundry powder that I sprinkled into the machine

23. The smell of the wet newspapers my baby cabbage trees were wrapped in when I collected them from the wonderful Freecycle people

24. The smell of tomato sauce

25. the smell of the clean dry sheets as sofia and i folded them

26. The smell of Ruth’s perfume when I hugged her in the supermarket tonight

27. The smell of Joeys wet hair when he came in after it had rained a little bit this afternoon

28. The smell of the bathroom after sofia had finished shwoering and shampooing an dpreening tonight

29. The smell of my car with all the old musty clothes and rubbish in it (that were thrown out today)

30. The smell of the jasmine oil scenting the room from my oil burner.

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful Wednesday blind wisdoms!

Good luck with yours!