Good morning blind wisdom seekers

Imagine my surprise, when something I wrote over a year ago, turns up on a postcard, advertising my Dunedin city! And it’s all about blindfulness! The silence of snow is something I often talk about. It’s the peace that sits over the city when it snows. No more traffic noise, no more passing pedestrians, no more birds chirping; nothing. As the blanket of snow falls, so does the blanket of peace. It’s how I know it has snowed! And then there’s the confirmation when I go downstairs, unlock the back door and poke my toe onto the deck to feel it’s soft yet crunchy surface.

However, this day was slightly different. You can read about it in the attached document!

10 things my senses are grateful for this week:

1 the smell of the bacon and eggs arriving at our table on Monday morning at the Terrace Bar!

2 the sound of the Germans roaring when they scored a goal!

3 the feel of one of the German’s hands as he touched mine –“You helped us win the World Cup Julie” he informed me after I started a Germany chant 3 minutes before the end of the game, keeping Argentina away from the net! Ha ha! Fun!

4 the sound of German’s celebrating in the Octagon when we came out of the Terrace Bar!

5 the swish of winter leaves under my feet as I went out our front door today!

6 the feel of the purple snood I knitted for Guide Dog Tracy – it fitted around her neck beautifully! Now Guide Dog Gypsy wants her own too! Woof woof!

7 the feel of the big fat, size 20, knitting needles I bought from Spotlight at the weekend!

8 the feel of the warm fire Ron put on last night!

9 the taste of duck we had for tea on Monday night – feeling a bit guilty about eating duck – told my son that this duck gave it’s life up so you could live, so in return you have to do something noble with your life! Not sure if he was impressed or not! Only time will tell!

10 the silence of snow – I haven’t experienced it this week but by receiving the request to use my words I am taken back their in my mind; right now! Wow!

I may not see but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!

Have a happy week!

The Silence of Snow Insiders Dunedin Postcard .pdf