Good morning Blind Wisdom seekers!

Who would have thought ‘it’ had a smell. And what is it? Acorrding to Helen Keller, who writes extensively on exactly this subject says, “FOR some inexplicable reason the sense of smell does not hold the high

position it deserves among its sisters. There is something of the fallen

angel about smell.” She goes on to say “A whiff of the universe makes us dream of

worlds we have never seen and is a potent wizard that transports us across a thousand miles and all the years we

have lived.”

She says, “it recalls in a flash entire epochs of our

dearest experience, with the odour of fruits wafting me to my

childish frolics in the peach orchard. It has told me of a coming storm hours before there was

any sign of it visible.”

So maybe ‘it’ does have a smell! But you can see how elusive it is!

Read on to find out how I smelt it last night and how it, as Helen so beautifully described, transported me back to another time and place!

1 the sound of excitement in my son Sebastian’s voice as he came through the door last night!

2 the feel of the fat fat book “IT” by Stephen King – Sebastian got given “IT” for his birthday by his girlfriend’s parents! Too much excitement!

3 the smell of It! The paper pages I mean! There’s so many of them! I still love that smell! It took me back to the book stores I used to visit in my sighted days and the smell of flickering pages!

4 the taste of the chicken satay I made for tea!

5 the taste of the summer fruits tea I had with Ron at Number 7 yesterday! I nearly fell off my chair when he said he’d have tea! He never has tea! WTH!

6 the sound of Pat from Rural Women NZ for inviting me as their celebrity guest to do the Rail Trail next April! Woo hoo! I think I had to say why not given one of the ladies who joined her had also been at one of my speaking engagements and was constantly saying why not! Because that’s what I had taught them!

7 the sound of my gorgeous client yesterday and although she’s blind, she could see! Her vision! It was so clear even I could see it!

8 the taste of mashed banana on toast for lunch yesterday! I spread 1 small banana onto two pieces of toast!

9 the feel of my braille envelopes I made and are sending out into the world!


I may not see but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!