Good morning blind wisdom seekers

Who remembers the sound of dial up? My nephew certainly does, as do I! When I went blind in 1997 the internet was only arriving to the average household in New Zealand. I had, however, worked on computers in the 80’s so now that I think about it, saying WHY NOT to learning how to touch type and how to use speech software on my computer was probably not unexpected. Who would have known though, that the explosion in information would come at such a rapid rate.

This image of me learning how to touch type on my home desk top computer, was taken in 1999. I remember when I’d learned to touch type twice before, I’d cheated! The temptation of peeking was just too much for me. Third time lucky I was now blind and much more motivated to learn.

Just imagine if I’d said no to technology in those early days? Putting up with that crashing high pitch sound of connecting to the internet is as foreign to the ears today as stone and tablet was to our grandparents last century.

I always tell everyone “it’s a great time to be blind” because technology has given us access to information the blind have craved for so long. Technology along with braille of course. Let us not forget Louis Braille who gave the blind their first taste of access to information.

Here are 10 things my senses are grateful for this week:

1 the taste of the meatloaf and mashed potato pie I made for our tea last night! Yummo!

2 the feel of the carpet as I skidded across the living room floor on a couple of suitcases that had been left outside my office door yesterday! I didn’t break anything on my body thank goodness!

3 the sound of the tap tap tap when William and I installed JAWS on my new lap top the other night! It’s an accessible noise that let’s a blind person know it’s doing something! Cool eh?

4 the smell of the log burner as it warms us up these winter nights!

5 the feel of a poached egg in the drainhole after I let a little much out of the bowl when I poached my eggs in the microwave! Oops! It felt all squishy and warm in the plug hole!

6 the sound of Ron coming home telling us he’s found some short term rental accommodation! Yippy! We’re going to look at it today at 4 pm.

7 the sound of the X factor contestants on TV 3 on Monday night! Funny!

8 the feel of all the suitcases we have around the house at the moment. All clothes are about to have a place in their case!

9 the sound of my mother discussing her upcoming trip to Wellington!

10 the sound of William describing old photos to me. He described the image of the computer I was working on as “really old Aunty Julie” – ha ha – Unless he was talking about me!

I may not see

But I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!