Greeting blind wisdom seekers!

At the weekend my husband Ron and I went for a Sunday drive. He suggested, after we left our apartment, taking a stroll along the beach. “In these shoes, with my back!” I exclaimed cheekily, so we made a compromise with a track that ran alongside the beach at St Clair.

Now I’ve been a citizen of Dunedin for 50 years and never had I walked along that path. The day was still and the weather mild for a Dunedin winter’s day but what overwhelmed me was the sound of the roaring waves as they crashed and smashed their way onto the rocks. What a powerful noise. I said to Ron “just let me stand here for a few moments and take it all in.” This worked because Ron loves taking photographs so as he ran off “looking” at stuff, I stood there quietly as I was mesmorised by the Pacific Ocean!

We think we are so significant but compared to Nature we are not! IT’s force is as mighty as it’s sound!

I cast my mind back to when I last felt the force of the waves and it was in 2010 when I said WHY NOT to doing the Polar Plunge! I remember that day being totally overcome by the cold and the power of the water.

On that day, and last Sunday too, I realised Mother Nature puts us in our place whether we can see or not!

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature….”

Helen Keller!