Good morning Blind wisdom seekers!

I know I’m back in New Zealand when I participate in a 12 km walk along Dunedin’s coastline in the Coastal Challenge! The latter word we only noticed once we had finished the race. I must say my sister was lured by the muffin at the 8 km mark, and it’s true it got my taste buds going but if the word poisonous apple rings a bell it’s the last time I’ll be tempted by sweetness! After having been around South America, wandering the coastline and nearby hills of Aotearoa is truly a beautiful thing but how much beauty can I stand? The last 4 km of the walk, after that bloody temptress muffin, was uneven, awkward, unpredictable and dangerous, especially if you were my ankles! My guide Jo, did a super duper job of keeping my body break free and we finally finished the “recreational” walk in a very slow 2 hours and 55 minutes! “I guess the word Challenge should have given me a clue” said my sister the next day! And what the hell is this term “recreational!”

So, remember, next time you are seduced by a sweet tasting muffin, ponder and take a second thought!

Here’s the 10 things my senses are grateful for this week!

1 the glorious sound of hail on the roof at the Warehouse yesterday afternoon! I shut my eyes so I could concentrate on the pounding stones as they hit the tin roof! Then I let out a “woo hoo” – it was so loud I don’t think anyone heard me! Astonishing and another blindfulness moment!

2 the taste of the yummy Greek salad we had for tea last night!

3 the sound of the crunchy buns we had with our tea – it reminded me of Ron eating guinea pig in Peru! Crunch crunch!

4 the smell of the perfume Mum made me put on my wrists at the Warehouse – I was the tester!

5 the feel of all the advent calendars at the Warehouse – so many varieties! We hit on a kiwi Santa, sitting in a deck chair with a caravan behind him! Ha!

6 the feel of all the tops and dresses I tried on! Fun with Mum!

7 the feel of the empty pie maker box – Mum said “this pie maker feels really light” until I said to her “I don’t think there’s one in there Mum!” Aren’t mothers funny????

8 the feel of the braille labels I made yesterday for all my Vistaprint boxes! Now I know what’s in them all! I feel so organised!

9 the smell of freshly cut ham for last night’s tea!

10 the taste of the whisky with ice I had last night with Ron! He’s back!

I may not see, but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!